How do you wash it?

Duvet covers are machine washable and dryable.

Weighted blankets may be washed on a gentle cycle, but we recommend hand washing it.

The weighted blankets must be air dried only – machine drying is not recommended.

Do not dry clean.

Where can I find the manual?

Click here to download the manual PDF

How does the cover attach to the blanket?

The weighted blanket has loops, and it fastens to the cover with ties. This is by far the best system to securely keep the weighted blanket attached to the cover. Please see the manual for best practices in attaching the cover to the blanket.

Does the blanket come with a cover?

Yes, the weighted blanket and the micro plush cover ship together.

What are the dimensions?

All the blanket weights are a generous 60x80 inches.

This is perfect for all body types. It can be used on a king, queen, twin and full sized beds.

Weighted blankets are purposely limited in size and will not act as a replacement in size for a regular comforter which is much larger than 60x80 “queen” size and hang over the edges of beds. We recommend the blanket be used by one person; however, many couples have enjoyed using the blanket together.

What is this blanket made out of?

Blanket material: 100% organic cotton fabric

Duvet material: super-soft and luxurious super-soft micro plush fabric

What is used for the filling/weighted material?

Only Dr. Hart’s™ brand uses patented DreamBeads™ (made of quartz micro-spheres) for the weighted material. They are eco-friendly (odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic) and allow the blankets to be 60% thinner and much softer. DreamBeads™ also make the blankets ultra comfortable by eliminating shifting noise, providing a cooling sensation in the summer and a breathable warmth in the winter. DreamBeads™ increase the contact surface area by 750%, optimizing pressure delivery. The blanket material is 100% organic cotton fabric and the duvet material is super-soft and luxurious super-soft micro plush fabric.

Is the blanket hot?

The blankets are engineered to be breathable yet warm. However, many people find the blanket on the warm side. The cover can be removed to reduce the amount of heat trapped inside the blanket. Since everyone has different sleeping body temperatures, we recommend using the blanket for two weeks and seeing if you prefer it with the cover or not. Additionally, the cotton cover is available for those who find the blanket too hot but would rather keep a cover on it.

Can it be used during the summer?

If you feel hot during the summer, we recommend using the blanket without the cover. Additionally, the cotton cover is available to those who wish to use a cover and feel too hot during the summer.

Can I use this for my child weighing less than 50 lbs?

We don’t recommend the blanket be used by any person under 50 lbs.

What is the warranty?

We stand by the quality of all our products. If you feel there is a manufacturing defect, please let us know and we’ll replace or repair the blanket or cover.

What is the return policy?

30 day return policy. Simply contact support at (or use the contact page) and let us know what your issue is.