Dr. Karen Hart | Dr.Harts Weighted Blankets

Who is Dr. Hart?

Dr. Karen Hart is a practicing neurologist and designer of the Dr. Hart’s® weighted blanket.

Her mission is to help people get better sleep through the use of natural products. With her extensive background in sleep health and decades working as a medical doctor, she set out to design the most comfortable and innovative weighted blanket on the market.

Patented ContourWave® design of organically shaped "waves" contours to your body like no other weighted blanket and distributes the weight evenly to the entire body.

Only Dr. Hart’s® brand uses DreamBeads™ (made of quartz micro-spheres) for the weighted material. Better than glass beads or plastic poly pellets, they are eco-friendly (odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic), soft and noiseless. DreamBeads™ also make the blankets ultra comfortable by allowing the blankets to be breathable, allowing a cooling sensation in the summer and a warming sensation in the winter.

How Dr. Hart invented her unique weighted blankets

While stationed abroad, working for the U.S. Army Medical Corps, Dr. Hart would often use weighted blankets in hospitals to help improve the sleep of service personnel suffering from medical issues such as joint pain, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress syndrome, among others.

As these service members were able to remarkably improve their sleep quality, she realized that this simple, yet effective device was still largely unknown to the general public. Hospital-grade weighted blankets are made of clunky, stiff materials, similar to the lead aprons dentists use when giving people x-rays. For this reason, she set out to make her own: she wanted to reach more people and create the most comfortable and luxurious weighted blanket in the world.

Her innovative design is based on recent clinical research conducted on Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation and its positive effects on mood and health. Like a warm hug, Deep Pressure Touch helps us feel secure, grounded and safe by providing stimulation to the cutaneous sensory receptors located throughout the body.

While most people feel instantly comfortable and relaxed using a weighted blanket, others may need several days to adjust to the weight. Give yourself time to adjust.

Countless individuals throughout the world have seen significant improvement in their sleep patterns and overall wellness from using her carefully engineered weighted blankets.