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10 Benefits Of Weighted Blankets 

Dr. Harts Weighted Blanket

It is always a good idea to invest in your sleep. It is your body’s primary source of regenerative processes and energy. Sleep is when all the magical healing processes happen.
One great investment idea that you can do to improve your sleep quality is by getting a weighted blanket.

A weighted blanket, as the name suggests, is basically a heavy blanket with a lot of weight to it. It is made of very thick fabric, usually of knitted cotton or wool. The blanket is designed to cushion your body as you sleep.

Many individuals report countless benefits of using weighted blankets in their sleep. If you need more convincing, read the article below on the different benefits of using weighted blankets. 

Keeps You Warm 

No one likes sleeping in the cold. It is uncomfortable and your body will be rocked with shivers as you sleep. If you live in a cold area, then this is a great pick for you. The thick material is guaranteed to keep your body warm throughout the night. It will trap your body heat in so that you will stay warm and cozy. Weighted blankets are usually filled with padding for insulation and to make it heavy. The padding can be made of polyester, fleece, or cotton. 

Reduces Stress Levels 

There are good kinds of stress, and then there are some that can interfere with the way you sleep by making you overthink and keeping you up all night. Stress is a difficult issue to combat but it can be alleviated by using a weighted blanket.

There are so many things that can stress you out daily, from your job to your relationships with other people. The way the blanket works is that it stimulates deep touch therapy. It cushions your body and applies mild compression against your muscles to combat stress. 

weighted Blanket

Sleep better by Reduces Stress Levels

Combats Anxiety 

Anxiety is a common issue that will surely affect your sleep. The blanket will push your body downwards with the help of gravity and its weight. This pressure will lead to autonomic arousal which is great for battling anxiety. It is also helpful for mitigating the accompanying symptoms of anxiety which includes an elevated heart rate, jittery muscles, and overthinking tendencies.  

Feels Like A Hug 

There are so many benefits to getting hugs. It is linked to deep touch therapy and our innate need for human connection. Hugs make us feel comforted, needed, and generally happier. If you do not have anyone to hug, a weighted blanket is a great alternative. The weight will cushion your body and emulate the sensation of being hugged in your sleep. It is a great way to feel less lonely, especially if you are accustomed to having someone sleep beside you. 

weighted blankets
weighted blankets
weighted blankets

Reduce Anxiety , Dr. Harts Weighted Blanket

Better Sleep Quality 

Did you know that weighted comforter help stimulate the production of melatonin? Melatonin is an important hormone that helps calm down your body and make you sleep better. It helps regulate the biological processes that help you sleep rhythmically, like your circadian rhythm. Melatonin helps establish a reliable pattern of sleep that your mental and physical health can greatly benefit from.

Melatonin production is possible through different means, like through oral medication. A weighted blanket is great for a natural and drug-free way to create melatonin. 

Boost Serotonin Production  

Serotonin is yet another useful neurotransmitter that helps regulate numerous bodily functions, from your appetite to your sleeping patterns. Its production can be stimulated through deep touch therapy.

Serotonin is also responsible for affecting a person’s mood. An increased level can make you happier which is why a weighted blanket is also great for combatting depression. Depression is a severe mental illness that is shown to affect the way an individual sleeps. Serotonin can keep its symptoms at bay so that you can sleep better. As a bonus, the production of serotonin likewise leads to the production of melatonin. 

dr-harts weighted blankets

Fights Off Insomnia 

There are so many causes of insomnia. The main biological cause is the abundance of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. When you are constantly stressed out, it will be difficult for your body to relax and get to sleep. Stress can make you stay up all night, just overthinking about your life problems. At best, your body can sleep, but it might be just the shallow type of sleep that does not really lead to cell regeneration or healing. You may also be able to sleep but you’d find that your sleep will be constantly interrupted, which will just keep you from getting enough rest to prepare for the next day.

The way gravity blankets help fight off insomnia is by inducing the production of dopamine. This will help reduce the amount of cortisol in your body so that you can feel less stressed and be able to combat insomnia.  

Boosts Your Mood 

Did you know that your mood greatly influences your capability to sleep? It is hard to achieve a good night’s sleep if your mood is off or if something is bugging you. Many individuals struggle with sleep because it requires peace.

A weighted blanket is a useful tool to set you in the right mood to be able to sleep. A weighted blanket may not wave all of your life’s problems away, but it can help with the chemical aspect. Your mood is affected by hormonal changes and chemical imbalances. The deep touch stimulation provided by weighted blankets. Research suggests that a weighted blanket can boost the production of hormones or neurotransmitters like serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine, all of which can boost your mood. 

dr-harts weighted blanketsdr-harts weighted blankets

Help With ADHD 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is more common than you think. It is a pervasive illness that can make sleep hard to attain for a lot of people. It is characterized by a hyperactive mind and the constant urge to move. People with ADHD struggle with sleep because it disables them from focusing and it makes them jittery.

A weighted blanket is great for managing the symptoms of ADHD, especially at night. The added weight will make the ADHD patient more hesitant to move and fidget. This will induce relaxation throughout the body so that sleep will be more accessible.
The way weighted blankets help fight off insomnia is by inducing the production of dopamine. This will help reduce the amount of cortisol in your body so that you can feel less stressed and be able to combat insomnia.  

Helps Manage Chronic Pain 

Many individuals struggle with chronic pain. It can come from a number of things: an old injury, a recent medical procedure, arthritis, and many more. While you can treat chronic pain with drugs, this habit can create an unhealthy reliance on medication.

A weighted blanket is a safer and better alternative to managing chronic pain. Chronic pain can largely be treated with massage therapy. The light pressure and weight of the blanket can help stimulate deep touch therapy to help alleviate pains and aches in the body. The deep touch can help reduce pain reflexes. 

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