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Are Weighted Blankets Good For Combating Anxiety?

Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket

Anxiety remains to be one of the biggest deterrents for a good night’s sleep. It is such a common problem that many people from the current generation struggle with.
One easy solution to alleviate the effects of anxiety on your sleep is by using a weighted blanket.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of uneasiness, worry, and unrest. It is usually triggered by some major life change or a general discomfort about something. Its severity ranges from mild to severe cases. It is also present among kids and adults.

Anxiety is a prevalent symptom of numerous illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, social disorders, and panic disorders. Anxiety is primarily a mental illness but it has some physical effects. Some of the most common physical symptoms include stomach ache, muscle tension in the different areas of the body, headache, elevated heart rate, increased breathing, frequent urination, drastic appetite changes, difficulty sleeping, and many more.

The fact remains that anxiety is such an invasive illness that targets every fiber of one’s being, depending on the severity. The treatment methods for anxiety is also directly proportional to its severity. Some mild cases can be treated daily with good habits like proper diet, sufficient exercise, lessening one’s alcohol and caffeine consumption, making an effort to be more social, choosing to talk to a friend, and even improving one’s sleeping conditions with the proper sleeping gear. More severe conditions would require medical interventions like drugs and therapy sessions. 

Weighted Blankets For Anxiety

Weighted blankets are heavier than normal blankets. The weight ranges anywhere between four to thirty pounds. The material is usually made of cotton, fleece, or other hybrids. It is deliberately designed to cushion your body as you sleep.

Many research studies suggest that this is a great alternative to drugs and other medications when it comes to treating anxiety. It is also used for combating insomnia, autism, and other disorders. It is a safe and non-invasive way to improve one’s sleep. This section will discuss more on how it is a noteworthy option for you to relieve your anxiety.

Weighted Blankets For Anxiety

Dr.Hart's Weighted Blanket

  • It Is Safe

    The primary benefit of using weighted blankets is its safety. It is non-invasive and organic. It utilizes deep touch stimulation to calm down your body. The added weight is not dangerous to your health and well being because you do not pose any risks of developing an addiction, reliance, and more.  
  • It Is Complementary

    Keep in mind that weighted blankets are not designed to be the sole treatment for anxiety but it is a great complementary method that works well with other therapies. For instance, you can practice daily healthy habits to keep your anxiety at bay. You can also take your medications as prescribed by your physician. Come night time, you can use a premium weighted blanket to help you sleep better. It adds to your holistic efforts to combat anxiety on all fronts.

    It is very hard to feel relaxed and to get a good night’s sleep if you are distressed. This then contributes to the vicious cycle of spiraling into an anxiety attack. Getting a good night’s sleep gives you a fighting chance to better mediate your anxiety levels.  
  • It Reduces Cortisol Levels In The Body

    Cortisol is also known as stress hormones. It is produced by your adrenal glands when your body feels like it is under attack or if there is an impending problem. Elevated cortisol levels can snowball into more serious problems like anxiety, depression, immense weight gain, and insomnia.

    Cortisol levels can be decreased with weighted blankets. The deep touch stimulation triggers your neurotransmitters to release dopamine and serotonin, both of which are helpful hormones to help mediate cortisol levels. The process through which all of this happens is through “grounding” or “earthing.”

    Grounding got its name from the fact that the user of weighted blankets get this pressure on their bodies that make them feel more secure. Gravity works its magic by partnering with the heavy weight of the blanket. This makes the user feel safe and secure which leads to the generation of the aforementioned “happy hormones” so as to combat stress. Grounding is also shown to be effective at resetting the body by improving one’s circadian rhythm so that you can get a regular sleep schedule. Having enough sleep each night is key to breaking the cycle of being stressed and anxious all the time. 

How Heavy Should The Blanket Be?

As aforementioned, weighted blankets come in a wide range of thickness and heaviness. You should not settle for the first weighted blanket you see. Manufacturers advise that you should get a blanket that weighs at least five to ten percent of your body weight. For example, if you weigh a hundred and forty pounds, consider getting a weighted blanket that is about seven to fourteen pounds. Anything less or more can be ineffective or uncomfortable. That just defeats the goal of using one to alleviate your anxiety. For children, it is advisable to get a blanket that is about ten percent of their total body weight plus an additional pound or two.

Where Can You Get Weighted Blankets?

There are many stores online that sell premium weighted blankets, one of which is Dr. Hart’s. The store offers premium weighted blankets at different weights and prices. One of the most striking features of their products is the presence of special beads in the blanket itself so that it follows the contours of your body and fits like a glove as you sleep.

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